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Privacy Policy

Safeguarding Your Privacy

Our commitment is to have protocols in place to safeguard your privacy and contact information. This policy explains how the information that you provide is handled.

Contact Information

The client information in our system is the contact information that you have provided to us and includes company name, company address, contact name, phone number, and business email.

How Contact Information Is Used

The contact information you provide is securely stored in our system and used only for the purpose of providing and monitoring your commercial cleaning service.

Security Of Information

Your contact information will not be passed to a third party unless it was required by law that we do so. Your IP address is not linked to your contact information.

Taking Precautions To Protect Information

While we take every precaution to protect your contact information, we are unable to completely guarantee the full security of your information. By using our website, you accept this and we cannot be held to be liable for any use that is unauthorized. All contact information is stored according to our security protocols.

Only approved owner-operators and staff, who require information for the purpose of assisting you, are given access.