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Choosing commercial cleaners

If you are a business owner looking for commercial cleaners then you probably don’t want to be dealing with cleaning. You want to focus on the operation of your business. Yet, annoyingly, choosing the right commercial cleaners matters, as it affects both customer and staff experiences. So how to make the right choice, and quickly? Here’s how.

4 Main Factors to Consider when Choosing Commercial Cleaners:

1. Find Cleaning Specialists in your Sector

The challenge is to find commercial cleaners who are the “best fit” for your particular requirements. Generally commercial cleaning companies will focus on one sector of the commercial cleaning market. For example, cleaners of a large manufacturing plant are not necessarily the right fit for cleaning a physiotherapist clinic.

So first ask commercial cleaning companies what size of business premises they predominantly clean. Is this similar to the size of your own premises?

2. Choose a Level of Service

To some extent the standard of clean you need is going to be determined by the nature of your business. If you are operating an automotive workshop, for example, then customer and staff expectations around cleanliness might well be different than if you were operating a beauty salon.

Your second question will be to ask whether their commercial cleaners are experienced in delivering the calibre of service you require, especially if you need an impressive standard of clean.

3. Getting Reliability

All businesses want commercial cleaners who are totally reliable. After all the whole point of having cleaners is so that you don’t even have to think about it. That requires cleaners who always turn up, complete every task that has been agreed, and do it well. What makes some cleaners deliver and others not?

You might want to select a company with commercial cleaners who are self employed, such as in a franchise system, as they have considerably more reason to be self motivated.

4. Cost

Obviously what you pay for commercial cleaners has to fit your business budget. By now you have narrowed down your search to cleaning companies who specialize in premises similar to your own, who can provide the desired level of cleaning service, and who offer greater reliability due to a system that fosters self motivation such as a good franchise.

When you have found a cleaning company that fits all of these criteria then this is the point where you are ready to arrange for their representative to come out and tailor a quotation to your specific needs.

Select Commercial Cleaning Auckland is an established franchise system, providing commercial cleaners at a fair price who work to exactly the same high standards as Select’s home cleaners work to.

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