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Office cleaning benefits

Whether yours is a large bustling office or a workspace for a small team, the fundamentals of office cleaning remain the same. Offices have particular features that require specialized office cleaning techniques. For example, even the smallest of offices requires the compartmentalizing of cleaning tasks, in the following ways.

Here’s How Professional Office Cleaning Will Help:

By Enhancing the Client Experience

Outside features like clear signage and, preferably, client parking are a great start. However, it is when the client walks through your front door that the client experience really starts. First impressions are important. They will influence how the client perceives your business and is one reason why engaging professional office cleaners is money well spent.

Regular cleaning of glass in the front door and windows in the office’s reception area is just the beginning. Next clients tend to notice floors and the reception desk. An uncluttered reception counter not only gives a sense of order but is also much easier to keep spotlessly clean.

The client waiting area should have seating free of stains. To accurately guage your clients’ experience, try sitting for several minutes where they will be sitting. Notice any scuffed skirting boards, cobwebs, grimy windowsills? Good office cleaners stay on top of these sort of tasks.

Then the client experience most likely shifts to the meeting room. The table top will be particularly on show so must always be meticulously clean and free of finger marks.

By Setting the Tone in Staff Work Places

Your insistence on cleanliness, in areas of the office where employees spend most of their time, speaks volumes about your high standards and your expectations as an employer. It is not a stretch to say that this impacts on staff productivity. Meaning that good quality professional office cleaning should pay for itself.

Desks are an obvious place to start the workspace cleaning process, especially if your employees sometimes eat at their desk. Other items of furniture also need to be regularly cleaned – chairs, tables, shelving, partitions. Then there are the less obvious areas like light switches, power points, door handles, doors and door frames. Widows should be routinely polished and walls spot cleaned to remove scuff marks.

By Avoiding Office Equipment from Harbouring Germs

Sick employees are a direct cost to any employer, and also can result in staff dissatisfaction if remaining staff feel they have to carry the extra work load for their sick colleague. Frequent effective cleaning of office equipment contributes to a healthier workforce, especially the cleaning of shared office equipment. It is said that computer keyboards are the most likely items of office equipment to harbour unwanted bacteria. It makes good business sense to pay to have these types of items regularly cleaned.

By Ensuring Staff Facilities are Pleasant and Hygienic

Your staff will definitely appreciate your investment in having their staff facilities properly cleaned, and surely happy staff will perform better in their jobs. Other things being equal, employees who enjoy clean and fresh kitchen and bathroom facilities will feel comfortable at work and hopefully remain employees for longer.

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